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Healthy & happy employees are the key to a company’s success

The YOVEDA Holistic Health Training is specially designed for daily work in the office and home office. It specifically adresses the physical and mental demands and challenges that it presents us with.

By combining the sciences of Stress Management, Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurveda a particularly holistic effect is achieved. The versatile exercises from the areas of movement, relaxation and nutrition, has a stress-reducing effect, promote health and at the same time enhance performance on a physical and mental level.

The theoretical knowledge is firmly anchored by the practical exercises so that it can be applied independently and easily be integrated into every working day.

Furthermore, your team will be coached to be able to establish healthy routines for a long-term effect.


  1. Welcome tea & introduction
  2. Techniques for effective relaxation of body & mind
  3. Healthy nutrition for mental strength

           30 minutes break

  1. Stress management & alleviation of classic stress symptoms
  2. Successful Establishment of micro habits & healthy routines
  3. Restorative yoga session (Relief of stress and back & neck tension)

Duration: 5 h

What can my team do after this training?

  • Effective exercises for physical and ergonomic balance at the desk
  • Creating a healthy diet especially in stressful phases
  • Increase performance and concentration in a natural way
  • Effective relaxations techniques
  • Manage and relief stress easily
  • Alleviate classic stress symptoms like headache or stomach acidity
  • Establishing healthy routines successfully

How does my company benefit from this training?

  • Physical and mental health promotion
  • Effective stress reduction and improvement of stress management
  • Prevention of absenteeism due to illness
  • Improved performance and concentration
  • Increased motivation
  • Team building
  • Higher employee satisfaction

Location: Live in person / On site at your premises

Tailored to the needs, goals and wishes of your company, it is possible to create an individual offer.

Get to know me, find out more about the YOVEDA approach and lets discuss your individual offer

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Yoga classes specially designed for physical and mental requirements in the office and home office. Focusing on stress relief, relaxation and loosening up tension in the back and neck area.

Duration: Duration & frequency depend on your needs and can be scheduled individually.

Location: Online via Zoom or Live on-site at your premises

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